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Massage Therapy in a Convenient Madison, WI Location and Professional Environment.

Candice Schneider holds a  Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Massage Therapy services include Classic Relaxation, Hot Stone Massage, Traditional Swedish Massage, Trigger Point and Aromatherapy Massage Services.   For more information about these massage techniques click here.   Take wellness to the next level.

In Balance Massage Therapy,  Madison, Wisconsin, located inside the convenient Quarry Arts Building near Whole Foods and UW Hospital and Clinics just off of University Avenue.   The Quarry Arts Building was designed to create and energetically healthy environment for Madison’s healing and professional community.  In Balance Massage Therapy offers therapeutic massage for relaxation, pain relief and other health concerns in a soul-nurturing and supportive atmosphere.  Our massage services are ideal for residents in nearby Shorewood Hills, West Moreland, and Hill Farms neighborhoods, as well as greater Madison.  Rejuvenation is the result of relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage provides a soul-nurturing evnironment to relax mentally and physically, creating room for awareness and wellness.  All massage sessions are unique to individual needs and preferences sure to leave you rejuvenated.


  • Located in the Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, Suite 200B, Madison, WI.

For a relaxing or therapeutic Massage pleaes contact Candice.:

Phone:   608-513-2865 or Email

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