In Balance Massage Therapy Customer Reviews.

Read what customers are saying about In Balance Massage Therapy.   We strive to exceed expecationswith relaxation massage therapy techniques that aid both mental and physical well being.


7 Responses

  1. I see Candice on a regular basis for massage–I love going to her! The minute I walk into her room, I begin to relax. I KNOW I’m going to feel better by the end of the massage. I always feel she’s in tune with me, my body and my mind.


  2. I have seen Candice for massage several times and each session has been great! From beginning to end, it is a wonderful experience. I always leave my massages with her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

  3. When I arrive I’m often beat from a full day and am really looking forward to Candice’s massage. When I leave I’m relaxed, much more at peace and feel refreshed. I’ve had regular massages for over 10 years and Candice is at the top.

  4. Located in Northeastern Wisconsin, I routinely travel down to the Madison Waunakee area to receive massage therapy from Candice. She has been consistently able to deal with my issues (I drive over 50K miles/year for my job alone, and trust me, it takes it’s toll on my body!) and rebalance my mind, body and spirit.

    There is something so peaceful and rejuvenating that Candice’s massages offer. In addition, her Wellness Coaching has been a boon to my health. She definitely knows her stuff and walks her talk.

    I cannot make a higher recommendation for a massage therapist over the many years I’ve enjoyed massage therapy. Once you’ve experienced a massage from Candice, you’ll never think about massage the same way.

  5. As a Certified Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer I can’t speak highly enough of Candices’ work. Knowing how important it is to recieve experienced/skilled bodywork I make sure to get a massage from Candice every four weeks. She has never let me down, I have recieved many excellent massages from her.

  6. Candice is an exceptional massage therapist dedicated to the art of healing her clients’ minds, bodies and spirits. I am a regular client of In Balance Massage Therapy and am consistenly impressed by Candice’s attention to detail , therapeutic touch and use of various massage techniques. The aromatherapy is highly effective, as is the warm, inviting treatment room. If you are looking for a professional, yet highly personal massage experience look no further than the work Candice Schneider so beautifully provides!

  7. I just had a dry brush treatment with Candice today. I highly recommend it. The treatment is invigorating and your skin feels wonderful hours later.

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